Join Entourage Star Emmanuelle Chriqui for a Night Out in Hollywood

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Emmanuelle ChriquiEntourage actor and Enough Project upstander Emmanuelle Chriqui wants to fly you and a friend to Hollywood to join her for a night out on the town. It only costs $10 to enter, and the funds benefit Enough’s Raise Hope for Congo campaign.

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Chriqui is a long time supporter of peace in Congo. She was featured in Omekongo Dibinga’s “Congo on the Come Up” music video, and has written several op-eds calling on jewelry companies to use conflict-free Congo gold in their products.

In 2013, Chriqui stood along friend and fellow activist Aaron Rodgers at a Rally for Congo at the University of Wisconsin - Madison: “there is a raging war where women and girls are being raped and thousands of people are getting killed over conflict minerals,” she stated to a crowd of thousands of students. “We are all indirectly linked to this war and we have the power to make a change.”

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While significant progress has been made in recent years towards establishing a conflict-free minerals trade in Congo, there is still much work to be done. Conflict gold in particular must be addressed, and livelihoods support for Congolese mining communities must be provided.

By entering now, you’ll not only get the chance to hang out with Emmanuelle, you’ll also be contributing Raise Hope for Congo’s efforts to support peace in Congo.

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