Call on President Obama to Withhold Funds from the Government of Rwanda

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Earlier this year, members of the Congolese army, led by General Bosco “The Terminator” Ntaganda, launched a new rebellion called M23.

The result? Explosive violence that has claimed thousands of innocent lives and displaced 2 million people--the highest rate of displacement in nearly 3 years. Since July, the United Nations Group of Experts and a chorus of human rights groups have published evidence showing that the Rwandan government supported M23 from the beginning -- evidence that the Rwandan government continues to deny.

The Obama administration has verbally condemned M23 and Rwanda’s role in the conflict, but that’s not enough. We need to ensure sustained pressure is being put on the Government of Rwanda to stop destabilizing Congo for their own economic and security interests. The U.S. can act to suspend its international funding until they actively participate in a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

The World Bank is on track to vote to release $135 million in aid to the Rwandan Government. As the Bank’s largest donor, the U.S. has enormous influence over this process.

Call (1-678-792-8986) now to be connected to the White House and ask President Obama to delay the World Bank’s vote on sending funds to Rwanda until it stops supporting M23.

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