Make Your Campus Conflict-Free

Here you will find toolkits on how best to organize on campus, host successful events, and pass a conflict-free resolution, along with materials to educate yourself, other students, and your school’s administration.

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We are here to help you succeed in becoming a champion activist for Congo. If you want more information, or if you are ready to meet with your administrators to get a campus resolution passed, get in touch with us.

Educational Materials

Books, blogs, and policy papers that will help you learn more about the crisis and sharpen your talking points for meetings with students and administrators. View Materials >

Meet with your Adminstration

Learn how to introduce the goals of the Conflict-Free Campus Initiative to your college or university's administration. View Materials >

Pass a Campus Resolution:

There are multiple routes that students can take in getting their university to take a powerful stand on conflict minerals. Learn about the different types of campus resolutions and the impact they have on ending the trade in conflict minerals. View Materials >

Plan an Event

Ideas and tips for organizing a successful event on your campus. View Materials >

STAND Advocacy Toolkit

Best practices for campus organizing. View Toolkit >

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