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  • Products include: computers, smartphones, televisions, projectors
  • Began investigating their supply chains through visits to two smelters, but has not completed this process
  • Active participant within electronics industry group developing processes to trace and audit supply chains of 3Ts and gold
  • Advocated for strong regulations on conflict minerals to the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Dell can improve its score by completing the investigation of its supply chain, developing internal audits on conflict minerals, publishing its suppliers and by helping develop a certification process for conflict minerals
Scoring System (show)

Gold Star: Conflict-Free

These companies are industry leaders. They fully investigate their supply chains, exercise leadership in industry-wide efforts, and produce certified conflict-free products.


Yellow: Room for Improvement

(Score: 5 to 14%) These companies have taken some steps to investigate their supply chains, and are members of the industry-wide effort, but more action is required of them.


Green: On the Right Track

(Score: more than 15%) These companies have taken proactive action to trace, audit, and certify their supply chains and have exercised leadership in industry-wide efforts.


Red: Falling Behind

(Score: less than 5%) These companies have done next to nothing to shift their practices toward conflict-free. They are not members of the electronics industry association process, and have not engaged with other stakeholders.

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