Congo Faith Initiative


Faith leads to hope.

The Enough Project partners with a variety of faith-based organizations to achieve our mutual goal of building sustainable peace in Congo.

The conflict in eastern Congo can seem like an unsolvable crisis with no hope or solution. But faith communities have historically been at the forefront of social change and have a crucial role to play in ushering in sustainable peace in Congo. One of the most important things we can do is raise awareness and grow the movement by engaging our friends, family, faith groups, and social networks.

Below are a few resources from our partner organizations to help equip you to reflect and act with your faith community.

 I am Congo - Faith Leads to Hope: A Christian Companion

I Am Congo - Faith Leads to Hope cover

Inspired by the “I Am Congo” video series, Sojourners, a national Christian organization committed to faith in action for social justice, has produced this discussion guide, I Am Congo - Faith Leads to Hope.

"I Am Congo" tells the full story of the Congo and its juxtapositions: natural beauty collides with decay; humanity struggles against a constant drumbeat of war; brave community leaders overcome personal tragedies to fight the status quo of corruption and conflict.

This resource is intended to compliment “I Am Congo” for individuals, small groups, and churches to reflect biblically, theologically, and prayerfully on the ongoing conflict in Congo.

Each profile is accompanied by a reflection and discussion piece that will allow you to experience the power of storytelling to help raise hope for Congo.

I am Congo – Faith Leads to Hope is intended to highlight the work that God is already doing in a war-torn region of the world and raise awareness among Western Christians to the conditions and struggles of God’s children across the world.

Download the full PDF from Sojourners.



Make Your Congregation Conflict-Free

Jewish World Watch Logo

Enough Project partner Jewish World Watch developed a tooklit for congregations to commit to conflict-free electronics.

With our offices and classrooms full of cell phones, computers, and printers, the faith community has a lot to say to the electronics industry. Make your synagog or faith community conflict-free.

Together we can promise to give our substantial business to companies that produce products untainted by these atrocities when they become available.

Download the JWW Toolkit (PDF)- Make your Congregation Conflict-Free!

Visit our partners at JWW for more resources and materials for your Jewish faith communities.

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