Over 150 schools across the U.S., U.K, and Canada have participated in the movement. 16 schools have passed resolutions. Get your campus involved — sign up below to hear from the Raise Hope for Congo campaign on how you can get started!

We asked leading members of the electronics industry what it would take for them to clean up their supply chains. Their answer? A strong student movement.

Conflict-Free Campus Initiative (CFCI), a partnership between Raise Hope for Congo and STAND, leverages the power of student activism to build demand for conflict-free electronics.

Colleges and universities purchase large numbers of computers and other electronics equipment. When a school commits to measures that pressure companies to take responsibility for the minerals in their supply chains, electronics companies rapidly adapt to new demand.

CFCI students organize events, protests, speaker series, conferences, build teams and social media campaigns aimed at raising awareness and building support for a conflict-free campus. They meet with professors, administrators, investors, student body government, and other student leaders to work towards passing a resolution. Through Raise Hope for Congo and STAND’s networks, CFCI students are able to connect to each other to share ideas and celebrate successes.

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