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RAISE Hope for Congo seeks to fundamentally change the equation for Congo by using The Enough Project’s robust field research, advocacy, and communications to bolster a broad grassroots movement that promotes lasting solutions. Our initiatives work to educate and empower individuals to be a part of these solutions to the conflict.

Company RankingsCompany Rankings

Be a responsible consumer. This annual report serves as consumer guide for 24 leading global electronics companies and ranks each company on its energy use and emissions, green products, and sustainable operations. Read More

Conflict-Free Campus InitiativeConflict-Free Campus Initiative

Your school may be indirectly funding Congo's worst human rights abusers. You and your campus have an important role to play in ending one of the world's biggest human rights catastrophes in modern history. Read More

Conflict Minerals and U.S. Policy ReformConflict Minerals and U.S. Policy Reform

The conflict in eastern Congo is being fueled by a multi-million dollar trade in minerals essential to our electronic products. Read More

Conflict-Free CitiesConflict-Free Cities

Follow these steps to pass a resolution expressing your city's preference for conflict-free products. Read More


Company RankingsCongo Faith Initiative

The Enough Project partners with a variety of faith-based organizations to achieve our mutual goal of building sustainable peace in Congo. Read More

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