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Student holding cellphone

Urge Your School to Go Conflict-Free

Get your school to pass a resolution that publicly calls on electronics companies to invest in clean supply chains in eastern Congo. Encourage them to make conflict-free computers and printers for your campus. Get started now »


President Obama on the phone

Tell Your Tech Company: "Make Fully Conflict-Free Products with Minerals from Congo"

Use your consumer power to make more responsible purchasing decisions. Send messages to companies you purchase from, reminding them how important conflict-free from Congo is to you. Take action now »


State legislature

Pass a Conflict-Free City Resolution

Follow these steps to pass a resolution expressing your city's preference for conflict-free products. Passing a resolution will encourage the electronics industry and others to do more to source minerals from eastern Congo that benefit communities rather than fuel the cycle of rape and war. Get started now »


Denise from I am Congo

Watch & Share "I Am Congo"

Watch our video series, "I Am Congo," and share it with your friends. This series captures the lives of five activists and upstanders in eastern Congo – Denise, Amani, Fidel, Dominique, and Petna – who give us hope. Watch and share now »


Cell phone stack

Commit to Purchase Conflict-Free Cell Phones, Laptops and Other Electronics

Address the link between the conflict in eastern Congo and our electronics products. Demand conflict-free electronics that include minerals from eastern Congo. Take action now »


Enough activists

Help Us Grow the Conflict-Free Movement

Urge your friends to join you in coming clean for Congo. When the public cried out about blood diamonds, governments and the diamond companies listened. This could be even bigger. Your voice matters. Spread the word. Take action now »




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