The race to profit from gold in Congo is driving the world's deadliest violence since WWII. Creating a demand for conflict-free gold from Congo is key to stopping the violence.

Actor and activist Jeffrey Wright's mining company, Taia Lion Resources, is helping take the conflict out of conflict minerals. His company's approach in Sierra Leone has parallels for the Congo, where the fight for conflict minerals is fueling the world's deadliest war.

A groundbreaking video series featuring amazing people living their lives in eastern Congo amid the world's deadliest war.

Delly Mawazo Sesete talks about the petition he started on asking Apple CEO Tim Cook to make a conflict-free product that includes minerals from eastern Congo.

A group of activists rallied at the grand opening of the Apple Grand Central Terminal store to encourage the company to create the world's first conflict-free product sourcing clean minerals from the Congo.

In front of the White House, Nov. 21 2011.

Actress and activist Robin Wright recently visited eastern Congo with the Enough Project, to see first-hand the effects of the fight to control Congo's conflict minerals. To learn more about what you can do to help stop the deadliest war in the world, visit

Join Raise Hope For Congo's "Conflict-Free Campus" initiative and help bring peace to the Congo by making your campus conflict-free. Learn more at

En honor del Día de la Madre, Javier Bardem habla sobre el lugar más peligroso en el mundo para las mujeres: El Congo. Las milicias en El Congo se usan la violación de las mujeres como armas de guerra, en la lucha para obtener control de los minerales.

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